21 Day At Home Program

with Jess from FitMummas (IG: @jessbyrnehf)


New to exercise? Been at it for a while? We've got you! With 3 different types of workouts to choose from.​

We also understand that everyone has different time constraints when it comes to cooking! So we've got you there too! 3 different types of meal plans to choose from.

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A - Full Body Shredder - HIIT style, heart rates up, sweat sesh.

B - Stronger - Strength-based, weights, and bands, get strong!

C - Beginner Baseline - low impact, returning/starting to exercise, regain strength.

Meal Plan:

1 - On The Run - No time, mostly meal prep, bulk cooking and some 15-20 minute on the spot meals.

2 - I can make some time - A few bulk meals to prepare and other meals up to 30 minutes.

3 - Masterchef - I've got time!

How it works:

Once you pick which exercise and meal plan suit you best, I will email your meal plan and Jess will email you all the info you need to download the app to access her workouts.


We start Monday 21st September!