Fresh Detox Program

What you do and don’t do counts... literally in this self-accountability program!

  • Designed for those who can push themselves and thrive from external accountability and checklists


  • Flexible to your lifestyle and not completely restrictive - However if you feel you need more motivation and structure pick an add on that best suits your needs. Optional add-ons available after purchase if you email Phebe:
    • Food Bonus – extra 2 week meal plan (add $49)
    • Detox Bonus – a supplement to boost detoxification processes. This includes a 15-minute call to see which product best suit your individual needs (add $99).

    • Testing Bonus – Hair test for food biocompatibility (add $219 – save $69)


  • 14 day master target checklist - points system with a target to hit every day

  • Summary chart at the end of each week

  • 7 day meal plan to help get you started

Fresh Detox Program